OnTime Networks has significant technical expertise when it comes to rugged, time-synchronized Ethernet switching and timing solutions. We utilize Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE1588 as the core technology to provide clock accuracy in the sub-microsecond range, making our products suitable for measurement and control systems. PTP is able to provide synchronization for sensors, measuring equipment, data acquisition units, network equipment, and recorders. We support a variety of market segments, such as aerospace, defense, energy, and industrial markets. Ethernet-based communication networks are faster, more flexible, and offer greater functionality than legacy, serial, low-speed communications systems currently used in most harsh environments.

Our processes ensure we meet the most demanding timescales and quality control standards. We offer a comprehensive range of services focusing on network switching, routing, and timing technology. From initial feasibility studies through final delivery, we provide due diligence to the design of components, subassemblies, PCBs, and whole systems, or complete turnkey, multidisciplinary development projects.

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MIL Standards table


Our rugged Ethernet and Timing Solutions are tested and approved to meet Military Compliance ratings. They offer reliable operation in harsh electrically demanding environments, withstanding extreme shock and vibration, wide temperature ranges, humidity, dust, and water exposure, noisy EMI, and dirty power.