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Test Flight aircraft are critical for any aircraft program as they make sure that the aircraft and subsystems perform up to the customer’s requirements. Each test flight can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and money which makes it even more important to make sure you have the correct solutions from the small Grandmaster Clock used outside of the airframe (rotor) to the rugged TAP that allows a one-way data flow to the recorder. In high-data applications, the aircraft might need several switches with varying port counts and a need for up to a 10G copper Ethernet backbone.CM-6200-aer ethernet switch

Our fully rugged CM-6200 and CM-4000 series easily communicate with any Data Acquisition System, allowing you to choose the best products for the application at hand, and not just what comes with an all–in–one solution. Used in flight tests, the platform provides a powerful set of networking features optimized for both aircraft and military systems applications, including 1G and 10G copper ports, Grandmaster Clock support, support for IPv4 multicast traffic filtering according to static filters or IGMP snooping, Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), port control (speed / mode / statistics, flow control), Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization, Link Aggregation (802.3ad), SNMPv/1/v2/v3 management, secure authentication (802.1X, ACLs, Web/CLI), redundancy (RSTP/MSTP) and port mirroring. To enhance reliability, the unit features military temperature grade components, an isolated power supply that protects against voltage surges, spikes, and transients, and no moving parts.


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