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ATCorp’s Machete embedded router delivers advanced networking that enables effective and timely dissemination of mission critical information among tactical edge users.

Hardware Systems
Machete is part of the OnTime Networks Routing Solutions, optimized for networks that require IP routing and services. The flexible, compact form factor of the OnTime Networks CR-4000, CR-6000 and CR-7000 routers, complemented by Machete, provides highly secure NIAP certified data, voice, and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across wired and wireless links.
Virtual Systems
The Machete virtual appliance, deployed on VMWare ESXi 7 and higher, complements the OnTime Networks rugged hardware routers to provide integrators with a cost-effective solution for addressing smaller applications where a fully rugged OnTime Networks Ethernet switch or Time Server is not required. The Machete virtual appliance can be combined with system-specific applications onto a single, small, low-power hardware solution.
Tactical Communication
Machete enables air-to-air and air-to-ground communications over a variety of radio waveforms such as 4G/5G, ANW2, CDL, SATCOM, Streamcaster, TSM-X, TTNT, WiFi, and more.
Advanced Tactical Networking
DoD tactical networks present unique routing challenges because of node mobility, changing data-link capacities, and crypto separation. Machete was designed to address these challenges through a number of optimizations that are specific to tactical environments, including:

  • Bandwidth/loss/latency sensing between routers to dynamically adjust to the best available path
  • Optimized multicast operation that tolerates RP failure and minimizes flooding
  • Enhanced multicast emulation across NBMA links
  • Advanced compression of routing-control data across low-bandwidth SATCOM links

Key Features and Benefits

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