The CM-4004F0-AER is a fully rugged managed gigabit Ethernet network tap specially designed to operate reliably in harsh climatically and noisy electrical demanding environments (e.g. high altitude, extreme shock, and vibration, wide temperatures, humidity, dust, and water exposure, noisy EMI, dirty power) of aircraft applications. The platform is an advanced and highly engineered switch that addresses complexity, enables modularity, and provides growth while delivering optimal performance for Space, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) constrained aircraft applications onboard helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. The unit complies with the military environmental, EMC, and power input requirements. This fully managed, non-intrusive inline Gigabit Ethernet network tap with electromechanical relays is used to control data flow and ensures stable communication between connected devices even when the unit is powered off or a malfunction is detected.


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